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Re: Elsevier's Approach to Pricing

Out of curiosity, does Elsevier permit off campus access using these new
contracts?  Even if it doesn't permit it, does your contract prohibit the
use of a proxy server?


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Katherine Porter wrote:

> I find myself forced to respond to this posting.  From our experience with
> PEAK and now ScienceDirect I definitely agree our patrons are using a
> wider range of titles than in the days of only print.  This is all to the
> good as we couldn't possibly subscribe to every journal our patrons might
> need.
> Why then did we just get hit with a policy which makes this new wide
> access a travesty?  One of the problems withPEAK as well as the electronic
> collections of some other publishers was the requirement for individual
> registration.  From my experience in two different libraries, I can vouch
> for the fact that every roadblock thrown up means a group of users who
> turn away. It seems like Elsevier was making their ScienceDirect access as
> easy as possible for users.  Well yesterday we found out that each and
> every Vanderbilt user must set up individual registration to be able to
> use SD titles for which we have no print subscription.  BOY IS THIS A STEP
> BACKWARDS.  It could very well be that the positive feedback I have been
> hearing from faculty here will hit a sudden brick wall when they next try
> to access that journal title that was becoming a new favorite.
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> > As many of you know, many positive changes have been made to Elsevier
> > Science policies (including pricing policies) in the last few months.  In
> > addition, the positive feedback we have received from our ScienceDirect
> > customers has been very promising in terms of validating our goal to
> > enhance the dissemination of scientific information.
> >
> > In view of our increased efforts to focus on our customers' needs, we are
> > troubled by the recent comments made in the liblicense-l forum.  Several
> > of the comments lead us to believe that there is a basic misunderstanding
> > of our policies.  Simply put, the perception voiced by a few individuals
> > is not the reality.
> >
> > Though it is extremely difficult to address these concerns in this type of
> > forum, we would like to set the record straight on a few items.
> >
> > 1. Elsevier Science recognizes that each institution is unique.
> >
> > 2. Pricing alternatives do exist for the delivery of electronic content
> > through the SD platform.  These alternatives are based on such
> > considerations as each institution's service level goals, user needs
> > (including programs of study), and funding for electronic resources.
> >
> > 3. With the goal of helping institutions find a solution to the problem of
> > limited (rationed) availability of scientific information, we provide for
> > the possibility (not the force feeding) of access to our entire database
> > of over 1,100 journals, if that option is desired by a customer.
> >
> > 4. Combined print and electronic information delivery is available for
> > only a small increase in cost over the price of print and is based on the
> > customer's existing print collection.  Electronic-only subscriptions are
> > available for less than the cost of the print subscription.
> >
> > 5. ScienceDirect customers with access to the entire Elsevier Science
> > journal collection report that the usage of titles previously unsubscribed
> > to account for a surprisingly large proportion of the total usage of
> > Elsevier material.  This indicates quite clearly that the availability of
> > additional material is a significant value to our customers.  Contrary to
> > comments made in this forum, there is no requirement that a customer
> > accept this particular option.
> >
> > 6. Elsevier Science is actively pursuing the enhancement of our electronic
> > products and platforms and expects that in the future there will be
> > targeted products available to meet the specific needs of different types
> > of libraries and user communities.
> >
> > At this time it is important that we learn from the feedback of librarians
> > and researchers who, based on their experiences with ScienceDirect, are
> > beginning to identify a new set of requirements for the second generation
> > of electronic services.  As a result, we expect new products and
> > accompanying new pricing options to emerge. The business model of today
> > must be viewed as transitional in nature.
> >
> > Neil Posner
> > Vice President - Pricing
> > Elsevier Science
> > n.posner@elsevier.com <mailto:k.hunter@elsevier.com>