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Congratulations to AAAS (and a few others)

Mike is of course totally correct that Science is among the few scholarly
publications that is available on other than a calendar year basis. (The
Nature group of titles is another prominent one; so are some medical
journals.) In his enlightened position he may not be aware of just how
inflexible most publishers are, at least with respect to scholarly science
and technology titles.

David Goodman
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> David,
> Well, I can't answer for any other publishers, but I am mystified by the
> following statement below:
> "universal contract provision in paper subscriptions for non-cancellable
> payment in advance and being able to start only on Jan. 1"
> Where does Science fit in this 'universe'?
> 1) there is no contract for print Science;
> 2) subscriptions to Science are cancellable for a pro-rated refund; and
> 3) we have 'rolling' subscriptions, meaning you can start one at any time
> of the year.
> Points 2 & 3 are also true for Science Online, and I wish point 1 were as
> well, but alas, we do have a 2-page contract for it...
> Are the onerous provisions you name *really* pervasive among other
> scholarly publishers? Sorry if this is a diversion from the topic at hand,
> but I am genuinely surprised by this information.
> Mike Spinella