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Re: Publisher/aggregator/vendor consortial representatives??


At Science Online, we now have two ways of working with consortia:

1) me!

2) Highwire Marketing services

Until recently, #1 was the only option, and we've had very good luck
closing a number of consortial arrangements with rather diverse groups,
including international consortia, US university consortia, and government
agencies.  This has been a good way for me to experience lots of different
types of consortial needs and expectations.

However, working with consortia isn't my only role here, so I've been
spread pretty thin. To address this, we are now also working with
Highwire's terrific marketing folks, who as you know, have not only
acquired a good deal of experience working with consortia, but also are
themselves from the library community.

Vicky Reich and Jim Hydock are probably already known to many of you on
the listserv, and they can be contacted about Science Online as well as
the other high impact journals hosted at Highwire. We're expecting this
extra market coverage from Highwire will improve our ability to close
consortial deals faster and with an even broader variety of groups,
especially internationally.

Hope this helps. My contact information is below, in case you or others
would like to get in touch.

Michael Spinella
Director of Membership, Circulation
                and Meetings 
1200 New York Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20005

phone: 202 326-6424
fax: 202 898-7825
e-mail: mspinell@aaas.org

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Subject: Publisher/aggregator/vendor consortial representatives??
Author:  "Sloan; Bernie" <bernies@uillinois.edu> at Internet
Date:    9/2/99 5:50 PM

I was wondering how many publishers/aggregators/vendors of Web-based 
electronic resources have strategic account specialists, marketing folks, 
or other similar staffers charged solely with dealing with library 

It seems as if the consortial marketplace (including the number of 
individual consortia) continues to grow, and I am curious about what 
different vendors are doing to accomodate this way of doing business.

If you are such a consortial rep, or if your company or organization has 
someone charged with this task, I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Bernie Sloan
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
University of Illinois Office for Planning and Budgeting 
338 Henry Administration Building
506 S. Wright Street
Urbana, IL  61801
Phone:  (217) 333-4895
Fax:      (217) 333-6355
E-mail:  bernies@uillinois.edu