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Congratulations to Wiley!

From: mmchugh@wiley.com
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 16:28:24 -0400
Subject: Wiley InterScience News!

===>   Wiley InterScience...
             Passwords no longer required for many users!<===

Wiley InterScience -- the online journals service from John Wiley & Sons
-- has eliminated the user ID and password requirement for institutional
customers (Basic or Enhanced Access Licensees) and their authorized users.  
This change reflects customer feedback on how the service can be improved.

Effective September 2nd, 1999, Wiley InterScience will authenticate
access for your authorized users based on the IP addresses you provided
when you activated your online account.  As an existing licensee, you need
do nothing to continue your access to Wiley journals online -- this notice
is simply to keep you informed.  For a detailed explanation of these
changes after September 2, go to: 


Although usernames and passwords are now optional, most users will want to
continue to use them to access their Personal Home Pages where they have
stored journal and article bookmarks and search parameters.  After
September 2, Registered Users who no longer wish to be identified by
username and password can fill out a form requesting removal from Wiley's
user database at: 


If you have any other questions about your Wiley InterScience account
please contact us via uscs-wis@wiley.com . You have received this notice
as the appointed contact person at your institution for matters related to
Wiley InterScience. Please share this information with your users.  If you
no longer wish to act as the contact person, contact us at
uscs-wis@wiley.com to arrange a replacement. 

David Goodman
Biology Librarian, and
Co-Chair, Electronic Journals Task Force
Princeton University Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu         http://www.princeton.edu/~biolib/
phone: 609-258-3235            fax: 609-258-2627