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Elsevier- electronic access

Dear All: Just curious - according to their web-page, to register for
electronic access to their journals, Elsevier require a form for every IP
address in the instution. They've got to be joking!!! And what's more
they'll only take 3 days to validate your registration. Doesn't seem long
for the mountains of paper/files of electronic forms they must have to be
wading through! Though maybe it's all electronically taken care of with
the minimum of human intervention.

I also tried to look at one of their access forms from the web page and
was taken not to the form but to the terms and conditions I'd have to
agree to if I wanted access.

As a general observation when doing this sort of thing on-line I prefer to
see in its entirety what I'm about to do before I do it.  I don't like
clicking on things in this kind of circumstance unless I know what I'm
going to be asked further down the line and what information I might have
to gather in order to fill in the form.

Any comments?

Ros Doig
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