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INFO: Publisher Will Be Offering Textbooks Online With MajorImplications for Both Distance Education and for College Bookstores

	Varsitybooks.com will be providing a catalog of online books for
use with college courses according to a New York Times article that is
excerpted and linked below.

David Dillard
Temple University
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Source:  New York Times (NYT)
Title:      Bookseller Is Ready to Offer Textbooks Online
Source Date:  July 5, 1999
Resource Type:  News Article
Description/Keywords:  College Textbooks, Internet Sales, Distance
Education, Impact
URL:  Listed Below Article Summary

July 5, 1999
          Bookseller Is Ready to Offer Textbooks
          By LISA GUERNSEY

               An online bookshop has a new offer for college bookstores
that are struggling with the fickle business of textbook sales:
Why not let us sell those books for you instead?

          The company, Varsitybooks.com, plans to announce this week
that it has signed contracts with nearly a dozen small universities,
colleges, preparatory schools and distance-education programs to do just

          In some cases, the arrangements mean that
          schools are completely closing their book-selling
          operations and sending their students to the
          company's Web site to buy their textbooks.

          In each deal, the institutions will earn an
          undisclosed percentage from the sale of each
          book through the Web site.

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