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Re: Public Domain

>From: Joseph P. and Connie M. Riolo <riolo@voicenet.com>
>If one desires to put his/her work in the public domain, he has to write
>a statement to effectuate it such as "I put this essay in the public
>domain".  This is fine for most people but the term "public domain" is
>not intuitive because it does not resemble the term "copyright" in any
>way.  Therefore, I propose a new word called "decopyright".  It means to
>deprive a work of the copyright. 

This is a bit oxymoronic in that the whole underpinning of creative
protection is the acceptance of the abstract concept that by its creation
a work attracts copyright automatically. In some countries this has been
codified by the requirement to place some notice in a prescribed form, but
in other places it is accepted at law that this protection is automatic.

Revisit the conventions and treaties that our governments entered into
some years ago to see that the framework exists, even without new words
being added to the lexicon.

If one knows / learnt what 'copyright' means and represents, then
knowledge of 'public domain' is a part of that. If not, then the lesson
has not been taught properly as they are intimate to each other.

Best regards