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Digital Licensing Workshop - Washington DC

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This is to bring to your attention upcoming offerings of a popular
workshop on digital licensing.

The 3 hour Workshop will be held in Washington DC on May 7, 1999.

Participants will examine various digital licensing topics and issues from
the perspectives of licensees, licensors, and creators. Topics examined
include the following:

- licensing arrangements generally;
- the uses of works that can be made through a licensing agreement;
- duration of a licensing agreement;
- sublicenses and secondary rights;
- who owns what;
- moral rights;
- compensation;
- credits;
- warranties and indemnities; and
- revocation of rights in certain circumstances

The instructor, Lesley Ellen Harris, author of Digital Property: Currency
of the 21st Century, will lead participants through a clause by clause
analysis of typical licensing agreements. Participants also will have the
opportunity to review and analyze actual licensing agreements.

The workshop is intended to benefit anyone involved in the use or licensing
of digital materials, including photographers, writers, and web and CD-ROM
developers. Content creators and persons working in museums, archives, and
libraries are encouraged to attend.

The workshop has been held recently in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix,
Toronto, London UK, Washington DC, New York, Seattle, Edmonton, and Calgary.
Those unable to attend the Washington session but interested in attending in
another venue are requested to email seminars@copyrightlaws.com.

Further information is available by email or telephone at one of the

202 478 0478