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Interlibrary loan license puzzle - revisited

I would like to comment on David Goodman's posting although we haven't
acquired ScienceDirect so far.

The ILL section in the Elsevier license is promoted as a change from the
usual practice of ILL requirements for electronic version so far as a
number of publishers don't allow the electronic version to fulfill ILL
requests at all. So this looks to be an improvement BUT unfortunately the
conditions are rather strict and our ILL department just couldn't handle
it. As it was pointed out it would result in unecessary additional work.

So despite the possibility of using the electronic version for ILL
purposes we just can't do it in practice which isn't ideal to say the

By the way, this option isn't solely in Elsevier's license; it also
appears in the ones of Kluwer and the Option B of the American Chemical

I would apprechiate any comments about how you handle these kinds of 
ILL options.

This is my personal view and doesn't not represent my institution's.

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