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Science Direct/ILL

At Grinnell College Libraries we chose not to use any of our
electronically accesible journals through Elsevier because following their
requirements would be much more trouble than it was worth.

Rebecca Stuhr
Grinnell College Libraries
Grinnell, IA 50112

>From Dave Goodman:
>We are puzzled about Elsevier's requirement in their license for Science
>Direct (http://www.elsevier.nl:80/homepage/about/esi/ Fall 1998 issue)
> The lending library... is asked to report twice a year ... on to whom
> (what library) articles have been sent, by journal title, publication
> year and number of copies. It is not necessary to report either the
> specific article or the specific individual for whom the article is
> ordered, as we want to respect the privacy of the reader. These
> reports are for two purposes: first, to understand better the actual
> ILL demand and, two, to monitor quantity limitations
> If the number of copies provided in one calendar year for any one
> journal title to any one library exceeds five articles, the lending
> library (that is, our licensee) may be asked to pay a fee on all
> additional copies at the standard document delivery copyright royalty
> rate. Elsevier Science will bill for those charges after it receives
> the reports. Libraries, of course, have the option to supply only up
> to five copies and turn down ILL requests over five.