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Special issue of Berkeley Technology Law Journal on licensing and UCC Article 2B


I wanted you all to know that the most recent issue of Berkeley Technology
Law Journal is devoted to licensing and UCC Article 2B.  Below are the
contents of the journal, from the most recent issue of Current Index to
Legal Periodicals.


Rob Richards
                    Robert C. Richards, Jr., M.A., M.S.L.I.S  
        Technical Services Librarian, University of Colorado Law Library  
                       Federal Depository Library 0074-C	
           Fleming Law Building, Kittredge Loop South, Campus Box 402
                         Boulder, Colorado 80309-0402
                 Telephone: (303) 492-2706, Fax: (303) 492-2707
                      E-mail: rrichard@stripe.Colorado.EDU
                    URL: http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/~rrichard

Gomulkiewicz, Robert W.  The license is the product:  comments on the
  promise of Article 2B for software and information licensing.  13 
  Berkeley Tech. L.J. 891-930 (1998).

Litman, Jessica.  The tales that Article 2B tells.  13 Berkeley Tech.
  L.J. 931-943 (1998).

Ginsburg, Jane C.  Authors as "licensors" of "informational rights"
  under U.C.C. Article 2B.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 945-975 (1998).

Hutcheson, Laura McNeill.  The exclusion of embedded software and merely
  incidental information from the scope of Article 2B:  proposals for new
  language based on policy and interpretation.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J.
  977-1012 (1998).

Kane, Michele C.  When is a computer program not a computer program?
  The perplexing world created by proposed UCC Article 2B.  13 Berkeley
  Tech. L.J. 1013-1021 (1998).

Froomkin, A. Michael.  Article 2B as legal software for electronic
  contracting--operating system or Trojan Horse?  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J.
  1023-1062 (1998).

Lyman, Peter.  The Article 2B debate and the sociology of the
  Information Age.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1063-1087 (1998).

Cohen, Julie E.  Copyright and the jurisprudence of self-help.  13
  Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1089-1143 (1998).

Davis, James Raymond.  On self-enforcing contracts, the right to hack,
  and willfully ignorant agents.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1145-1149 (1998).

Friedman, David.  In defense of private orderings:  comments on Julie
  Cohen's "Copyright and the Jurisprudence of Self-Help".  13 Berkeley
  Tech. L.J. 1151-1172 (1998).

McGowan, David.  Free contracting, fair competition, and Article 2B:  some
  reflections on federal competition policy, information transactions, and
  "aggressive neutrality".  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1173-1238 (1998).

Rice, David A.  License with contract and precedent:  publisher-licensor
  protection consequences and the rationale offered  for the
  nontransferability of licenses under Article 2B.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J.
  1239-1281 (1998).

Matsumoto, Tsuneo.  Article 2B and mass market license contracts:  a
  Japanese perspective.  13 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1283-1287 (1998).