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'Double' licenses

It might be worth reminding people that in the UK there have been
considerable efforts to arrive at a mutually acceptable understanding of
what 'Fair Use' (we call it 'Fair Dealing') means in the electronic
publishing environment.  The agreed position arrived at between publishers
and university librarians can be found at


and have formed the background to more recent work on 'Inter-Library

The model licence which is available on the same site attempts to embody
these principles - certainly within the groups working on these various
matters it has been absolutely understood that publishers' licences should
not attempt to override established legal rights; the problem has been
that the electronic application of concepts such as Fair Dealing/Use are
not unanimously understood.  Rather than wait for acrimonious
interpretation in the law courts, we preferred to come to our own
consensus interpretation and then embody that explicitly in our model

Sally Morris