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ALA Midwinter Announcement

The  Reference and Bibliography Publishing Advisory Committee of the
Collection Development and Evaluation Section, Reference and User
Services Association,  invites you to its Midwinter discussion forum:


Monday, February 1, 1999:   Crowne Plaza -- Independence Room B --

Does your library purchase or plan to purchase electronic resources
through a consortium?  
Representatives from four publishers that produce electronic information
and four consortia that have participated in purchase negotiations will
discuss topics including but not limited to: new product development,
pricing structures, availability of features such as statistics and
archiving, and the impact of consortia purchases on collection
development at individual libraries.

Participants include Eileen Lawrence (Chadwyck-Healey), Sue Kesner
(KnowledgeCite), Nancy London (OCLC), and a representative from Gale
Research, as well as consortia representatives John Webb (Washington
State University), William Potter (University of Georgia), Lori Arp
(University of Colorado) and Dave Brunell (BCR, Aurora, Colorado). 

Forum attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions following
brief presentations from the participants.

For more information, contact

Kathy Arsenault, Collection Development Librarian
Nelson Poynter Memorial Library
University of South Florida--St. Petersburg
140 7th Ave. S.
St. Petersburg, FL  33701
(727) 553-3404;  arsenaul@nelson.usf.edu