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Got Milk? Got Cookies? Got Authentication?


The LITA Secure Systems & Services Interest Group is presenting an
informal managed discussion at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia on the use of
cookies and tokens for authentication.

DATE: Monday 2-1-99
TIME:  9:30--11:00 am
PLACE:  Crowne Plaza--Declaration Room

David Barber, Director, New Services Development at OhioLINK, will speak
on: "The OhioLINK Authentication Project:  A multi-institutional,
cookie-based authentication system for local and remote resources."

Leo Cronin and Stuart McLean, of Lexis-Nexis, will speak on: "Passports
and Tickets: Secure Use of Cookies for Web Customer Authentication to
Multiple Services"

These brief presentations will be followed by a managed discussion of the
topic as well as a brief business meeting of the Interest Group.  Anyone
interested in the topic of authentication, as well as the general
activities of the Interest Group, is encouraged to attend.  Bring your own
experiences and opinions.  Bring reports of your own local authentication
projects.  And, oh....bring your own milk!

Tom Klingler
Head of Systems,  Libraries and Media Services
Kent State University, Kent, OH, U.S.A.
330-672-2962 (x. 18)              tk@kent.edu
330-672-4811  (fax)