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End-user-only, click-on licenses

Jim Neeley of KU writes the following.  We are having a little difficulty
resolving his e-mail address and are sending this message along for him.

The Moderators
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 16:58:37 -0600
From: "Jim Neeley" <jneeley@mail.lib.ukans.edu>
To: liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu
Subject: End-user-only, click-on licenses

NTIS issued new terms and conditions for World News Connection earlier 
this fall.  There is no longer an agreement between the licensor and the 
library.  Instead, the terms are presented as a click-on directly to the 
end-user.  Because the library is not a party, and because the click-on is 
standard for all users, there is no opportunity to modify the agreement to 
clarify terms or to reflect local circumstances.

This arrangement is unique in our experience.  It raises a number of 
questions.  Has anyone else dealt with such a license before?

James D. Neeley
Electronic Information Librarian
University of Kansas Libraries
Lawrence, KS  66045-2800

phone: 785-864-3036
fax: 785-864-5311
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