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Re: SOLINET and Lexis-Nexis

We in Michigan have been very pleased with the SOLINET Lexis-Nexis
agreement.  By coordinating a nationwide agreement, SOLINET made it
possible for our libraries to purchase Academic Universe at an affordable
price (much lower than we would have been able to achieve on a statewide
level).  Also, SOLINET was able to negotiate a refund for subscribing
libraries to make up for materials dropped from the service during the
contract year.  SOLINET's hard work on this project has been a great
benefit to our libraries -- we feel lucky to have been included!

Ruth H. Dukelow, AccessMichigan Director/Network Librarian
Michigan Library Consortium		dukelow@mlc.lib.mi.us
6810 South Cedar St, Suite 8		phone: (800)530-9019 ext.21
Lansing, MI 48911-6909			fax: (517)694-9303