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American Society for Microbiology

Do other libraries find the proposed American Society for Microbiology
licence rather strange?

The ASM restricts the licence to a BUILDING, charging extra fees for extra
buildings.  At McGill we have a general policy of offering all
library-purchased e-titles to all users and the costs of covering all our
buildings would be far too high.  McGill's IP addresses are not strictly
linked to a building, so even if we wanted to do this we would find it

Due to the ASM rules McGill will not be subscribing to their, very useful,
e-journals and Faculty members here who are ASM members are lobbying their

Any comments or other ideas?

[MOD. NOTE:  The actual language in the ASM license reads as follows:
"An Authorized Site is an institutional (e.g., university) library located
within a single building. If an institutional library has multiple
branches or sections located in more than one building, each library,
branch, or section in a different building is considered a separate site
and must be separately licensed. For purposes of this license, a building
is a single unit of construction. Buildings connected by walkways, ramps,
tunnels, or similar structures are considered to be multiple buildings. In
such instances, Authorized Terminals (hereinafter defined) are restricted
to the building."]

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