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EM: New Issue on Electronic Contracting Available (98/3 -- Vol. 8 - No.3)

Dorian Selz writes:

From: Dorian.Selz@unisg.ch No.3)

Apologies for cross-posting; please pass on to interested colleagues and
distribute to relevant lists.


Dear Colleagues,

EM -- Electronic Markets (Formerly IJEM -- International Journal of
Electronic Markets) has posted its newest issue of the journal at
http://www.electronicmarkets.org (98/3 Focused on Electronic Contracting).

99/3:  The opening paper by Lee emphasizes the need that this process is
open to new contracting relationships. Peiro and Steiger address the
border between user-interface technologies and protocols used to implement
secure electronic commerce services. Yuan, Rose, Archer, and Suarga
present an implementation of a web-based negotiation tool for collective
labour bargaining. Dasgupta describes the online emerging stock trading
industry. Daoud proposes a meta-broker that facilitates information
sourcing and provides a contract framework with built-in features.  
Kerridge, Slade, Kerridge and Ginty outline project that aims at
implementing pan-European trade links for businesses by using virtual
supply chains that cover the complete life cycle.

In addtion, we have 2 outstanding calls for papers, the most urgent being
the call for papers on

(1) Electronic Commerce in the Americas (99/2), as well as the
    call for papers on

(2) Electronic Commerce and Logistics (99/3).

The deadline for Electronic Commerce in the Americas has been postponed
until November 25, because of popular demand (From its original deadline
of November 15 and can be found below).

Brigette Buchet

Dear Colleagues

Electronic Markets - The International Journal of Electronic Commerce &
Business Media is a key forum for advancing the understanding and practice
of electronic markets and commerce (www.electronicmarkets.org).

The spring edition will focus on Electronic Commerce in the Americas.

We are currently searching for articles dealing with the current status of
projects, visions and policies related to Electronic Commerce in America.

Possible topics include

1.) key players and their strategies for employing
    e-Commerce efficiently,
2.) leading and pursuing a regional strategy,
3.) a range of planned investments and time schedules
    for implementation,
4.) regional aspects and governmental policies to
    promote the diffusion of  e-Commerce technologies and
5.) the question of open versus closed platforms,
    the strategy for the future, etc.

If you would like to submit a paper, please contact the editors of EM at
the information found below. The deadline for submission is November 25,
1998. For further information you can consult our guidelines found on
www.electronicmarkets.org (contributors section).

Electronic Markets is a multidisciplinary journal whose audience of
approximately 3000 readers, located around the world includes scientists,
policy and decision-makers working in government, industry and education.  
Uniquely, EM is also read by managers concerned with the effects of the
electronic commerce revolution, organisations and society; and scholars
with an interest in the relationship between information technologies, new
forms of commerce and social change.

The Website (www.electronicmarkets.org) provides full coverage (including
all articles from the past 7 years) of the Journal's in-depth reporting on
current developments, the latest trends, the impacts, policies,
methodologies and cultural changes related to this exciting and rapidly
evolving new research field.

We are looking forward to your contribution.

Brigette Buchet

Electronic Markets -
International Journal of Electronic Commerce & Business Media

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