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Internet Intellectual Property

Ran across this item, which may be of interest as more and more 
information services incorporate Internet material, which, arguably 
probably means that incorporators feel the content is free and usuable.

Maybe you have a great idea, or have started work on an important
intellectual project. As things develop, you may need to prove when you
started working on the project. Enter Firstuse.com. This online registry
allows users to instantly document intellectual property and other
important material from anywhere in the world, at any time, without
divulging the contents of the registered work. Individuals and
corporations seeking to immediately validate the origin, date and contents
of their important materials -- such as screenplays, website content,
software codes, inventors logs, audit trails, music demos, etc.  -- can
simply fire up their browsers and register the work. Once uploaded, the
file is encrypted and kept for third-party verification in case of future

                 Cost is (U.S.) $15 per document registered.

Dennis Auld
Senior Consultant, PsycINFO
202-218-3987  fax

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