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Re: EBLIDA/ECUP/STM Joint Statement

On Saturday, 7 November, the informal group of publisher and library
representatives will meet again and it is expected that we can finalise
the text and agree on the EBLIDA/ECUP/STM Joint Statement on Digital

At the STM meetings during the Frankfurt Bookfair last month the draft
joint statement - version August 28 - was approved - pending a few minor
textual amendments. On 10 October the EBLIDA Executive Committee had
unanimously approved the Statement pending formal ratification by the
EBLIDA Council at their annual meeting on 7 May 1999.

It is expected that we will be able to make the text of the Joint
Statement available to all interested after 7 November.

Best wishes,
Barbara Schleihagen

At 20:12 2-11-98 -0500, you wrote:
>Sally Morris of the Association of Learned and Professional Society
>Publishers of the UK (ALPSP) writes the following:
>I am forwarding this message to others who can provide first-hand details
>both of the STM/EBLIDA agreement, and of the HERON scheme.  
>Sally Morris