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Re: eBook-List Discussion List

Hi Again All,

>Gerry:  who "owns" or sponsors this list?  Who are the principal
>discussant that comprise its postings?  Is this a group of trade book
>people, or academic scholarly publishers, or society people or reference
>people, or all of the above?
>Thanks, Ann Okerson

The owner is a business person I think. Like most public discussion lists,
I don't pay too much attention to "ownership." The discussions have
spanned from my talk in a thread a while ago that advertisements are okay
in ebooks -- (also mentioned here for journals too) -- to some reactions
to popular press news-snips (like the MIT stuff and "digital ink") -- to
trying to accomidate the blind readers with ebooks and making sure there
is text to speech built into the standards. The subjects are wide as can
be about ebooks.

No, there is not much of an impact with academic and scholarly folks.  
Tweed jackets with elbow patches are optional --- he, he.

No, there is not much of an impact with trade book people either. 

I'd say, like most groups, there are 200 or so wacky ebook folks there
trying to give and take with ideas and info. Either I've gotten off of the
list in the last 3 weeks -- been busy and switched around some email
accounts -- or else that list has been quiet for a while. I think it was
the later.

My last post, sent just moments ago had sub info reposted from the other 

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