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Re: eBook-List Discussion List

Hi All,

I'm on this list, of course, and the other, just re-discovered and 
mentioned: _eBook-List Discussion List_

Let me say that the discussion on the ebook-list is in dire need of a
pick-me-up. And, in the spirit of the internet, it is to everyone's
benefit, IMHO, to not REPEAT services. So, I do suggest that the
ebook-list be used, as it can use the help.

When you go over there, do so and bring along the coaching of good
behaviors too. (Example, a lot of idle chat has happened from the
moderater, welcoming new members, blah, blah, blah.)

The net does need a good resource to talk about Ebooks! Do it!

>To subscribe, send e-mail to ebook-list@mabooks.com.  In the Subject: line
>add the word "subscribe" (but without the quotes).  Leave the message blank.

Mark Rauterkus, Publisher 
mrauterkus@sportsurf.net           http://SportSurf.Net/
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