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call for communications (colloquium CISI99)

(for more information about the colloquium, see the webpage at :

International Colloquium on  Information Sciences (CISI 99)
Libraries in the era of information networks
Tunis, March 3, 4 and 5, 1998

Caution : deadline delayed
the new deadline for papers is the: October 30, 1998

Mainly Academics; also professionals.

The colloquium is being organized by the Institut Superieur de
Documentation (ISD) and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Sciences de
l'Information et des Bibliotheques(ENSSIB)


The international colloquium on information sciences intends to elucidate
questions related to the profound changes libraries are going to be
confronted with as a result of the unprecedented development of networks
that transfer and exchange information, and which are omnipresent in all
the fields of human activity.

The role of libraries in maintaining and transmitting human knowledge is
essential. The advent of information networks has given birth to other
channels which make information available. These parallel systems are not
only vectors of transmission but they also move and reconstruct knowledge
at wish. Their primary function does not necessarily consist in preserving
knowledge, but rather in promoting global and shared creation. Information
that is being disseminated and distributed to the extreme, can no longer
be limited in time or space. Neither its perpetuity nor its credibility
can be guaranteed any more

Libraries remain part of the information network, but they will have to
adopt other methods of management and transmission modes. The information
channel has to be transformed. As for the networks they function on a
basis of shared activities and do not require a series of successive
performances. The new types of media and the new modes of publishing and
transmitting have given birth to a different kind of collections using
other techniques of research and access.

As a result libraries will have to be entirely restructured .Which will be
their new functions? What will be the focus of their activities? How is
the librarian going to perform in his new function of a go-between? Who is
going to pay and how much with the introduction of the new models that are
already taking form? These questions and others should stimulate us to
study the present state of research in information sciences.

Topics to be debated
1) Technical aspects
     * Indexation Techniques
     * Research Methods, Access and Distribution Modes
     * Disseminated collections.

2)  Users of  Information and Information Usages
    * Changes in Librarianship
    * Modelisation of users and usages

3) Economic Aspects
    * Cost of shared work
    * Cost and advantages of services
    * Relations and transactions among partners or between customers and

Intsructions for speakers

Speakers are invited to send abstracts of their intended communication to
the coordinator of the scientific committee before Octobre 30, 1998. They
should be forwarded by @mail to the following address:
abdallah@enssibhp.enssib.fr. Abstracts should be written in french or
english. They ought to give a clear idea of the undertaken research
(problematics, method, results). It is recommended to submit two
typewritten pages. Authors will be notified by November 30, 1998 of their
acceptance by the scientific committee. The latter may ask for
alterations. In that case the author is committed to modify the abstract
accordingly and return it before December 30, 1998 in order to have it put
on the web. Unabridged versions of the communications must be submitted
before January 30, 1999. A final reading will be undertaken in view of

Programme and Location of the meeting
The final programme and its location in Tunisia will be notified by Web
(http://www.enssib.fr) in the beginning of January, 1999.

Scientific committee
H. Ben Ghezala 		(ISD) Tunisia
K. Ben Rhouma 		(CCK) Tunisia
F. Bougherra		(ISD) Tunisia
S. Laine-Cruzel 	(Lyon I) France
J.M Salaun 		(enssib) France
S. Santiago 		(ABES) France
R. Savard 		(EBSI) Canada
A.Temini 		(FTERSI) Tunisia
N. Ben Abdallah		(ISD) Tunisia,  Coordinator

Organizing Committee
N. Ben Abdallah			(ISD)
F. Lerouge 			(enssib)
H. Ben Ghezala			(ISD)
F. Dupuigrenet Desroussilles 	(enssib)
M. Ben Henda 			(ISD)
D. Varry 			(enssib)
Y. Ben Jemia 			(ISD)
M. Ben Romdhane		 	(Lyon I)
R. Daoues 			(ISD)
Y. Seghir 			(ISD)
S. Houissa 			(ISD)


Laboratoire RECODOC
Universite Claude Bernard LYON I - Bat 721
43, Bd du 11 novembre 1918
t�l: 04 72 43 13 91