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Re: When is a Journal a Journal?

Cecelia Boone of MINITEX writes as follows:

Forwarded message:
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:25:25 -0600
From: "Cecelia N. Boone" <>
Subject: Thank you for the Message: When is a Journal a Journal 

Good Morning, Ann,

I read with great interest the message about full text journals this
morning.  I'd like to ask your permission to share it with readers of a
ListServ that we maintain for the MINITEX Library Information Network --
which includes research, academic, public, state agency, medical libraries
in Minnesota and the Dakotas.  Many of our participating libraries are
struggling with the same issues you identify.  The libraries are making
decisions how to handle these issues, and we're trying to help them gather
as much information as possible. 

An additional issue we're discussing here, is whether libraries should
include holdings for full-text journals in MULS -- our union list of
serials for the MINITEX region.  In particular, MINITEX has arranged
access to several IAC full-text databases for all participating libraries. 
While we haven't stated a policy as yet, we're suggesting that union
listing these 1000s of titles is an inefficient use of a library's staff
time -- to say nothing of the issue of whether these database versions are
the "real"  thing. In your communications, have you heard of other union
lists that have addressed this issue? 

We are having similar discussions about the union listing of electronic
journals -- both those access remotely and those accessed through cd-rom
and other local means.  Again, I'd like to inquire what discussion you have
heard of this issue.

Thank's for your attention.  I'd appreciate any information that you have
time to provide.

Cecelia N. Boone, Asst. to the Dir. for MULS & Communication
MINITEX Library Information Network
S-33 Wilson Library
309 19th Ave. S.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0414
phone: 612-624-6353  fax: 612-624-4508
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