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Re: When is a Journal a Journal (Was Biomed Aggregators)

Another problem is that generally not everything that appers in the
journal is included. Most services are relatively selective in including
only full articles, and not brief news items, reviews, etc. for example,
here is what is not included in Ovid's version of Nature

"The following information indicates the parts of the journal omitted
"from Ovid's full text product.
"Nature              Nature Says, Nature Reports,
"               Correspondence (as opposed to
"               SCIENTIFIC Correspondence), Book
"               Reviews, Classified, Opinion, News,
"               Commentary, Careers & Recruitment,
"               Product Review, Briefing, Progress,
"               Employment Review, Author & Subject
"               Index, Science in China, Nature's Sister
"               Journals, News in Brief
"Nature also imposes a 90 day embargo on release of the

When we bind journals, we bind the complete issues, and I think we need to
expect electronmic versions to contain the complete issues if they are to be
regarded as equivalent. 

It is also true that in some cases the electronic version may contain 
**more** than the print, e.g. Infoweek, Byte, the ACS journals supplementary
material.... Are we archiving these journals adequately if we collect only the
print versions?
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