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Re: Best Journal Aggregator for Biomedicine (fwd)

For those in pursuit of online access to Science:

It's available fulltext on Lexis/Nexis 1983- , on Dow-Jones 1995- ,
and on Periodicals Abstracts fulltext file (which we subscribe here at
Humboldt) 1992- , according to the coverage lists.  I've accessed it on
DJ, could test the others if it would be helpful. 

Ann Okerson asked me if I would share the biology titles I identified on
L/N and D/J, so I'll do that.  I excluded most biotechnology and other
forms of applied biology so someone else might come up with a more
expanded list.  Humboldt State has an environmental and ecological
focus, so I was looking for such titles.  

American Midland Naturalist    DJ 1995-
Applied Genetics News          LN 10/95-  also DJ 1991-
Audubon                        DJ 1994-
BioAccess Matters              LN 2/94-
Bioscience                     LN 1989-
Ecologist                      DJ 1995-
Environment                    LN 1/93-   also DJ 1994-
Environmental Action           LN 1993-
Environmental Action Mag.      DJ 1994-
Genetic Engineering News       DJ 1994-
Genetic Technology News        DJ 12/91-
Human Ecology Forum            DJ 1995-
International Wildlife         DJ 1994-
Journal of Environmental 
           Health              DJ 1995-
McGraw-Hill Biotech Newswatch  LN 6/93-
National Wildlife              DJ 1994-
New Scientist                  DJ 1994-
Oceanus                        DJ 1995-
Science                        LN 1983-  also DJ 1993-
Science News                   LN 1985-  also DJ 1994-
Science World                  LN 1993-  also DJ 1994-
Sciences                       DJ 1995-

I left off a lot of candidates like Sierra, Sludge, National Parks, that
sort of thing, because we were looking for more academic titles.  But
their presence is great for undergrads nonetheless, and removes
pressure from the research library's budget if people in science branches
are aware that these resources exist and can point them out.  I do wish
titles on the aggregation services could be regularly represented in the
catalog, or that at least subscribers could have a machine readable
coverage list or link to one on the host site.  How are other sites
handling this access problem?

So I hope this list is helpful.  Anyone interested in coverage on these
services for their own institution should of course scan the 
lists for themselves, since I could have missed titles and was looking for
materials suitable for HSU's focus.  For myself, I was really impressed
with what I found on LN and DJ. I will also note that the services
are dynamic, so new titles might have been added since the lists I have
were published.

Mary Kay
Acquisitions/Collection Development Librarian
Humboldt State University Library
Arcata, CA 95521

On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, Ann Okerson wrote:

> Do you suppose you could post your list of bio-titles to this list?
> Ann Okerson
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