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Re: Secure networks

Ann, et al. -- this same agreement you refer to goes on to say "A cache
server or other server or Network which is publicly accessible is not
Secure for these purposes."  After consulting with one of our Systems
staff, I interpreted the terms pretty much as you have, since it seemed
clear that although the Libraries were not and probably would not be using
such a server, there was no way for us to guarantee noone else on campus
was either running or using one.  I've e-mailed the publisher to express
concerns about this and ask what their real expectations are, but have so
far not heard back.

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On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Ann Okerson wrote:

> We have in hand a license from an important journal publisher, for
> this publisher's electronic versions.  It's pretty good.  But therein
> is a definition that reads:
> 	"Secure" with regard to the server or Network from which access 
> 	to Authorized Users is to be given means:  only a server or
> 	Network or Networks over which the Institution has absolute
> 	control and can prevent the further distribution of material.
> This definition is later used in important clauses pertaining to use and
> so on.  My question:  This seems to me an unusually high standard
> ("absolute control") which in turn makes ultra-high expectations of
> licensing institutions -- ones that we cannot commit to.   So, two
> questions:
> 1.  Are we reading this correctly, or is there some other interpretation?
> 2.  Are there, in fact, such secure servers/networks in academiia, ones
> over which the instituions do have absolute control?  How does one create
> such a highly secure environment? 
> Thank you, Ann Okerson
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