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Re: Secure networks

A further question: if the terms of a licence agreement seek to set up
conditions which are literally *impossible* to fulfil, where does the
(purported?) agreement stand?

Hal Cain, Joint Theological Library, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Ann Okerson wrote:
> We have in hand a license from an important journal publisher, for
> this publisher's electronic versions.  It's pretty good.  But therein
> is a definition that reads:
>         "Secure" with regard to the server or Network from which access
>         to Authorized Users is to be given means:  only a server or
>         Network or Networks over which the Institution has absolute
>         control and can prevent the further distribution of material.
> This definition is later used in important clauses pertaining to use and
> so on.  My question:  This seems to me an unusually high standard
> ("absolute control") which in turn makes ultra-high expectations of
> licensing institutions -- ones that we cannot commit to.   So, two
> questions:
> 1.  Are we reading this correctly, or is there some other interpretation?
> 2.  Are there, in fact, such secure servers/networks in academiia, ones
> over which the instituions do have absolute control?  How does one create
> such a highly secure environment?
> Thank you, Ann Okerson
> Yale University Library
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