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Re: UMI's image removal

Tom Sanville wrote:
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 06:19:02 -0400
From: "tom" <>
Subject: Re: UMI's image removal (fwd)

I don't think there is a solution--

Anyone who is looking at the UMI, IAC or EBSCO products with the notion of
significantly cutting paper needs to be first reminded that these are
rental programs. These are not purchased, perpetual licenses. When you
stop subscribing you lose access.  These are convenience products and
title gap fillers but not products that you can license and do strategic
medium management. Anyone wth that expectation is in error I think. 

Secondly, by definition, these are middle man brokered products. These
folks do not control the content and so there is nothing they can do with
guarantees. Also, just as you can't obligate a primary publisher to
provide a print journal forever neither can you expect a secondary or
primary publisher to guarantee an electronic version. 

I agree with Bill Potter- the images of UMI are at greater risk. These
rights were likely obtained before primary publishers gave great thought
to their own electronic publishing and now some want to go different
directions.  They are less threatened by giving ascii rights. 

So I don't think there is an answer other than provide for warning of
changes and possibly price adjustments if content is lost. 

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