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Re: Authorized Users Question

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 97 13:58:29 -0500
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Authorized Users Question     
     I'm not a member of this list, but my client has been forwarding me 
     messages on connecting authorized users, if they are not coming into 
     the library web resource from an "on-campus" computer.
     I helped  develop a Virtual Library for Navy researchers.  They are at 
     22 Centers, many more geographic locations, etc.  The challenge is 
     that research support has to be available 24X7, and from home, a 
     hotel, etc.  This application is designed to extend library services 
     to users who may be remote from a library, including access to their 
     reference librarian.  Or those users who can't walk across campus to 
     the library every time they need to...
     Our license agreements are negotiated based on 'authorized NVL (Navy 
     Virtual Library) user' status.  Thus those who have NVL 
     userid/password are allowed to use NVL resources, according to their 
     "profile".  These profiles are a key design component.
     There are at least two profiles per user--one is the 'organization' 
     profile (which shows those resources the organization has bought into 
     under the NVL 'parent' account-OCLC FirstSearch, DIALOG, Current 
     Contents, Document delivery vendors etc.  
     The 'user' profile shows what org he/she belongs to (the default 
     condition is that they inherit their organization's rights), and 
     anything specific to that user, such as the dollar levels in their 
     document delivery deposit accounts.... or specific DIALOG 
     databases/formats, etc.
     So the user profile generates the web display on the fly, and the user 
     only sees those services to which he/she has authorized access.  Since 
     it's linked to UserID/password, not IP address, the location of the 
     user or their PC does not matter.  
     That's the bare bones of the design.  I won't bore you with the 
     details.....but I'm happy to answer questions.
     denise duncan     
NB:  This is from the Navy contractor for the Navy Virtual Library
Project.  I am the Project Manager.  Thought you might be interested in
posting it to the liblicense list serve. 

Thanks very much,
Joan Buntzen
Librarian of the Navy
Washington, DC
(202) 433-4211
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