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Re: Lexis/Nexis UNIVerse

I see what you mean, Carole. 

Let me see if I can approach it from another way. Let's take the same

Suppose you enter the following in the Topic field:

Hoosier author tells how a white Pennsylvania girl raised by Indians

and you enter the following in the Additional Terms field:

conflict within the family when a son

(This is a part of a sentence in one of the last few paragraphs of the

and you should retrieve the ONE article only. Together with the example I
gave ealier (see below, which demonstrates that the Additional Terms field
also searches the HLEAD), I would conclude that the Additional Terms field
searches full text.

Indiana University Libraries

> Jian,
> I believe you are simply picking up the same article because the terms ARE
> in the headline field. If you find an article with use of a term or name
> in the text after the lead paragraphy, you will not pick up that article
> (in our experience) by entering the term in the "Additional Terms" field. 
> Carole Richter
> Electronic Services Coordinator
> University of Notre Dame Libraries
> (219)631-8405
> At 06:29 PM 10/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >I am not involved with the licencing part. I believe there is an
> >arrangement with the CIC, and IU just decided to get it earlier.
> >Why don't you talk with the CIC and see if ND can join it for L-N
> >"consortial pricing"?
> >
> >As to your question about full text searching, (if this is beyond the
> >subject of this group, I apologize and we can carry on our conversation
> >elsewhere.) that's why I said there is not enough documentation available. 
> >
> >But based on our experiment, the Additional Terms field IS doing full text
> >searching. The best way to prove it is to find an article that has a
> >unique Headline and enter that headline in both the topic field and in
> >the additional terms field. Since the relationship between the two
> >search box is an "AND," you should retrieve only that one article.
> >Try the following:
> >
> >Hoosier author tells how a white Pennsylvania girl raised by Indians
> >
> >exactly as it is given here, that is, as a phrase search, in both
> >the topic and additional terms.
> >
> >Strictly speaking, full text search is NOT possible, because one is
> >required to enter a term in the topic field.
> >
> >Jian
> >Indiana University Libraries
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