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Re: Lexis/Nexis UNIVerse

Here at Indiana University Libraries, we have access to it since Oct 1. 
Most of our patrons seem to like it a lot for its ease of use/access and
for and for the full text printing. 

I agree the "topic" idea is quite confusing. Not being able to specify a
date is another problem. No segment searches is another one. Not enough
online docuementation. The error messages that return are not very helpful
either. No Papers library. Not being able to specify one individual paper,
such as NYT. etc. 

I think you can do full-text searching in the Additional terms field.

Jian Liu
Indiana University Libraries

> Hello Licensers,
> Are many of you looking at the Web site license version of Lexis/Nexis
> (UNIVerse)? We have been reviewing it with certainly provides
> some obvious benefits (Web interface is much easier to use, site access
> speaks for itself, full text printing, and additional Reference Databases
> (BIP, Ulrich's, Encyclopedia of Assoc). 
> HOWEVER, all "Topic" searches search the HLEAD segment only...keyword
> searches of full text are not possible. This "may" be an option after the
> first of the year. More troubling, nothing in any of the documentation
> alerts users to this limitation. LEGIS materials (Legislative histories,
> bill tracking, bill text) have also been left out, and while the earlier
> information was they "would be added soon," the current information is that
> they won't be added at all because they are included in Cong Compass (owned
> by Elsevier). I'm anxious to find out what other libraries have looked at
> UNIVerse, and what your reactions are (and what other undocumented changes
> you may be aware of...)
> Carole Richter
> Electronic Services Coordinator
> University of Notre Dame Libraries
> (219)631-8405
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