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Vendor Perspectives on Licensing/Contractual Issues

I've attended a number of conferences/workshops recently
that have touched on licensing/contractual/pricing issues
for access to electronic resources. In each of these meetings 
people have asked why vendors insist on certain terms and 
conditions, how vendors arrive at pricing, etc.

These questions have been largely rhetorical, especially
since vendor representatives were not present to answer any
such questions.

I know that quite a few database vendors subscribe to the
liblicense-l list, and I guess I'd like to issue a challenge.
I would like to try to understand the vendor's perspective
on a number of issues. I have a number of questions about how 
vendors develop positions on licensing/contractual/pricing issues.

If you represent a producer of electronic resources, and you are
interested in discussing basic issues with someone who has
handled consortial negotiations for more than three dozen academic 
libraries, please contact me directly. I will be happy to summarize
and report to the list.

Bernie Sloan

Bernie Sloan
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
University of Illinois Office for Planning & Budgeting
338 Henry Administration Building
506 S. Wright Street
Urbana, IL  61801
Phone:  217-333-4895
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