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Authentication & Authorization

Thanks to Marvin Pollard (Cal State) and George Machovec (Colorado
Alliance of Research Libraries) for drawing our attention to the recent
special issue of Library Hi Tech (Pierian Press).  Volume 15, No. 1-2,
1997 (issues 57-58) is a double issue on the theme "System Security in the
Networked Library."  The articles are organized into 3 sections:
Workstation Security; Authentication and Authorization of Patrons; and
Security Breaches.  Many of these pieces relate to issues touched upon in
content licensing and on this list.

Contents from the Authentication and Authorization section include:

The changing Role in a Networked Information Environment.
Clifford Lynch, p. 30.

Tao of Gateway:  Providing Internet Access to Licensed Databases.
William V. Garrison and Gregory A. McClellan, p. 39.

Decentralized Account management in a Library Consortium.
Anita S. Wagner, etc.  P. 55.

Using Bluestem for Web User Authentication and Access Control of Library
Timothy W. Cole, p. 58.

The ICAAP Project, Part One: A Continuum of security Needs for the CIC
Virtual Library.
Merri Beth Lavagnino, p. 72.

The ICAP Project, Part Two: The Web Architecture.
Bob Riddle, p. 77.

The ICAAP Project, Part Three:  OSF Distributed Computing Environment.
Scott Cantor, p. 79.

Ann Okerson
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