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Re: Authorized Users Question

Forwarded Message
From: Liz Dopp <>
Subject: Re: Authorized Users Question

Tony Ferguson wrote:

>Until we develop a ubiquitous way of screening our own users coming in
>via AOL- like vendors who want access to commercial web resources.....  

Hi Tony--RIT has implemented a proxy-server solution to authenticate
users and it has been working well for us. 

When someone attempts to access a restricted library database from a
non-RIT IP address, they are automatically redirected to a special html
document explaining that the services are restricted to members of the
RIT community and that an RIT computer account/password is required to
proceed. Upon entering their unique RIT password the user is
authenticated and allowed access to the database--and all other
on-liners are kept out.

Liz Dopp 
Electronic Resources Librarian
Wallace Library, Rochester Institute of Technology
EADWML@RIT.EDU     716/475-2028
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