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Re: Authorized Users Question

From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries

Tony Ferguson wrote,

>Until we develop a ubiquitous way of screening our own users coming in
>via AOL- like vendors who want access to commercial web resources.....  

Rutgers requires all users to authenticate themselves at one of its many
authenticating servers before it allows access to university resources such
as student information, library databases, email and routine work servers,
and the like.  We have been able to set up an exception so that anyone can
access our catalog.  But at this point we are able to say to a vendor that
only authenticated Rutgers users have access to the information we acquire
from them.  Rutgers users at remote locations or at home still have to telnet
through via an authenticating server before they get general access.  I'm
told that this process is under stress for technical reasons, but I wanted to
report that apparently something like it can be done.  --pg

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