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Re: Hospital Sites and Networks

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Date:          Wed, 24 Sep 97 15:54:16
From:          <>
Subject:       RE: AAHSL: (Fwd) Hospital Sites and Networks (fwd)
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Dana - We are running into the same problem here as our hospital has
become a health care system.  ShandsHealthCare now has 7 hospitals, home
care offices, clinics and affiliated helathcare practioners all over the
state of Florida.  We also have an Urban campus in Jacksonville.  Our most
direct experience with license problems came from the HSC Library
extending access to its databases to the campus in Jacksonville.
SilverPlatter decided that since the campus was in a different city we
would have to pay double for the databases.  The Jacksonville campus
reports budgetarily and administratively to the HSC in Gainesville.  I
have a branch library there that reports to me.  It made no difference to
Silver platter - different city.  Now we have a campus in Orlando as well. 
Between the Shands HealthCare System, the distance education initiatives
of all our colleges, and the urban campus we are struggling to stay
license compliant and still serve our users. 

I have no good ideas except to explore other vendors.  I have heard that
OVID is a little more accepting of such arrangements but my knowlege about
it is a little dated.  We also point people to PubMed, and Grateful Med. 
No easy answers. 

I would be interested in what information you get back.

Thanks  Faith

Faith A Meakin
Director, Health Science Center Libraries
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