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Re: Perpetual Access

All of the publishers that participate in OCLC's Electronic Collections
Online service must agree to perpetual access rights for libraries using
the service.  Electronic Collections Online provides Web access to, and
archiving for, academic and professional journals from a number of
publishers (18 have agreed to participate to date).  The publisher
agreement allows OCLC to store journal data at OCLC in perpetuity.  It
also allows OCLC to give libraries perpetual access to the volumes and
issues of any journal to which they have subscribed--even if the library
terminates the subscription.  A complete description of this archiving
policy is available from the OCLC Web site at 

Chip Nilges
Electronic Journals Division
Subject: Perpetual Access
Author: at Internet-Gateway
Date:    8/26/97 1:46 PM

I would be most interested to hear if any library represented
on this list has been able to negotiate a license for information in an
electronic format that allows the library to retain the data in the
event the library chooses not to renew its license/subscription.

Sallie Becker
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