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Re: Perpetual Access

At 12:07 PM 8/26/97 -0400, Sallie Becker wrote:
>I would be most interested to hear if any library represented
>on this list has been able to negotiate a license for information in an
>electronic format that allows the library to retain the data in the
>event the library chooses not to renew its license/subscription.
>Sallie Becker

I am happy to report that the American Meteorological Society has taken on
the responsibility of providing perpetual access to its online publications
so that a library will retain access to those volume years it subscribed to
online even if it subsequently chooses to drop its subscription to future

You can view the license agreement we are putting into place by following
the link off the opening page of our Web site (
to the "AMS Journals Go Online January 1998!"

This link provides access not only to the pilot site for this project
(which goes fully operational this January), but also the license and
pricing information for institutional subscribers.

We feel the license agreement we have put together is very sensitive to the
needs of the library community, and have gotten good feedback on it so far.

Keith Seitter

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