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LIBLICENSE Web Enhancements

Thanks to the good services of our LIBLICENSE Web designer, Alex Edelman
(now a university graduate and employee of, we have been able
to respond to the request of several of readers to make the website
fully searchable.

That is, if you go to the LIBLICENSE URL:

you will see below the title banner a "Search" option.  In this option you
may choose between (1) the whole Liblicense web site; and (2) just the
Liblicense-l archives. 

Take it for a road test; try, for example, the word:  Liability
on the whole site, and you get the following results, which in turn
you can follow to their source:

	04/13/97 - Restraint of Trade? 
	06/19/97 - Re: Beyond Shrinkwrap 
	Licensing Terms and Descriptions 
	Authorized Uses - Clauses and Explanations 
	Licensing agreement produced by Ingrid Winternitz for the Publishers
		Association/JISC Working Group on
	Licensing Agreements 
	Warranties, Indemnities and Limitations of Liability - Clauses and
	Force Majeure - Clauses and Explanations 
	Warranties, Indemnities and Limitations of Liability - General 
	Force Majeure - General 
	04/22/97 - Re: Digital Archive Agreements 
	Performance Obligations of Licensors - General 
	02/10/97 - Simultaneous User pricing 

We will keep working on the site; please continue to send your

Ann Okerson, for the Liblicense Project
© 1996, 1997 Yale University Library
Please read our Disclaimer
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