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ILL In An Electronic Age, Part 2

Quick question:  How applicable is the term "interlibrary loan" when
applied to journal articles? I'd imagine it's been quite a while since
requests were filled by actually loaning the physical copy of the journal
containing the article.  Nowadays they are hardly "loans", as there isn't
the expectation that the photocopied article will be returned.  Even the
term "interlibrary" has become less descriptive, with the growing emphasis
on patron-initiated requests. 

Should we use another term in our discussions? Are existing terms such as
"document delivery" appropriate? Are there other applicable terms?

I guess I'm just concerned that the term "ILL" carries a certain amount of
baggage with it, both for librarians and for publishers, and may not
adequately describe what we're trying to accomplish in an electronic
environment. It wouldn't bother me to continue using the term for our
liblicense-l discussions, as long as we all understand that the process
rarely involves a "loan", and will be less and less between libraries. 

Bernie Sloan

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