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UK Model License-Clarification

Apparently, I managed to confuse some of our LIblicense-l readers with
Sunday's three postings re. the UK Model License (by forwarding Sally
Morris's message to the list and not explaining why the promised
attachment was *not* present until a subsequent message).  Let me try to
simply matters:

The Proposed "Model License" between publishers and UK universities is
avialable for comment (to this list or to the creators) at the following

o  UK Serials Group site:

o  LIBLICENSE Web site (with permission of UKSG site):

o LIBLICENSE is mirrored in France as below, so by linking to the
following URL and clicking on "licensing resources," our European readers
should be able in the near future to have access from a third location.

Thank you,
Ann Okerson, for Liblicense-l
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