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Draft UK Model License-P.S.

Dear Liblicense-l readers:

Today you will have seen two messages posted to this list about the same
important project:  a document that constitutes a proposed 'model licence'
between publishers and UK universities.

As you probably noticed, these messages reached you out of sequence, for
the one from Sally Morris (John Wiley) and Toby Bainton (SCONUL) was sent
to us on June 23rd.  At that time Sally attached a text copy of the model
license for posting to either Liblicense-l or the LIBLICENSE web site.  We
were eager to do the latter, but technology counfounded us not a little. 
We could not decipher the attachment though Sally subsequently e-mailed it
three different ways.  So she did the sensible thing:  mailed us a
diskette.  It arrived around the time many of us were at the American
Library Association meeting; later while working with the diskette to
HTML-ize it, we corrupted the the data on Sally's diskette and asked her
to send another.  Meanwhile, we were holding Sally's message to
Liblicense-l until we had a URL for you.

Happily, we thank Hazel Woodward for notifying us of the work of the UK
Serials Group (UKSG), in particular Richard Goodman, their Webmaster, for
having done the HTML deed and made the document available.  We are making
the link to the UKSG draft from the LIBLICENSE web site, so readers can
have access this document from more than one path. 

Our apologies to Sally Morris and Toby Bainton as well as the PA/JISC
group for our own delays.  

**Please send in your comments as Sally Morris requested in her message
today, about this "model license."***

Also, we very much welcome a comments and discussion of the draft model
license on this list. Once again the UK has provided us with important
leadership in the area of electronic content licensing, and we thank the

In summary, you may find the UK "model license" at the following site:

UK site:

and linked as follows:

US link:

French mirror for LIBLICENSE:

Ann Okerson
Co-Moderator Liblicense-l
© 1996, 1997 Yale University Library
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