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Paul Gherman's fascinating note leaves me staring out the window thinking
through the implications.  He's right about the death of the journal.
Hmm, what about . . .

	--Having bought 25,000 Elsevier articles for 1997 and in December
	having used up the 25K, what does one do?  Scrounge around for
	another institution that overbought this year and is running a
	firesale of a couple of thousand ILL articles in a hurry
	and  get *something* for them?  Or go back to Elsevier and
	negotiate a price on a few more directly?

	--Probably not for Elsevier, but will there grow up article
	aggregators?  Virtual publishers, who offer to buy 10,000 articles
	from the small Journal of Palaeobotany and then aggregate them
	with a lot of other choice isolated journals to build a list
	and make a price?

	--Will an aggressive University Library get into the business
	of doing that aggregating as a combination?  Imagine Stanvard
	or Vanderyale cornering the market on Elsevier by buying so many
	articles at such a deal price that everybody then comes to 
	the University aggregator, who makes out like a bandit in the

The mind boggles.

Jim O'Donnell
University of Pennsylvania
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