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Re: Licensing vs. Copyright law

One cannot contract to do that which the law forbids.   

Madison Mosley
Associate Director
Charles A.Dana Law Library
Stetson University College of Law
St. Petersburg,FL 33707


>This topic was touched on several time in other threads but it has just
>come up again on another list, and I would really like to try to get to
>the "real" answer. Does anyone know of any case law or other rulings that
>address the issue of which takes precedence - Copyright law or licences. 
>The specific situation I am referring to here is does the First Sale
>Doctrine of the copyright law (which I believe allows resale, loan,
>rental, or other disposition of legally-acquired copyrighted materials),
>take precedence over a license agreement: a) Always, b) never, c) it
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