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Announcement of NHA Principles

April 24, 1997


** National Humanities Alliance Document Available on NINCH Website **

In an effort to build consensus within the educational community on the
uses of copyrighted works in the digital environment, the National
Humanities Alliance (NHA) has prepared a document of basic principles it
believes can be used as an effective guide for the community for at least
the immediate future. 

The document was created by the NHA's Committee on Libraries and
Intellectual Property. Mostly representing institutions within higher
education, the Committee believes that the developed principles apply to a
wider educational community--including primary and secondary schools,
independent research laboratories, faculty and students, and independent

The Principles were derived, with permission, from the University of
California's draft document, "Copyright Legislation and Scholarly
Communication: Basic Principles,"

Printed copies of the Principles will shortly be available from NHA at 21
Dupont Circle, NW, 6th floor, Washington, DC 20036; tel: 202/296-4994.

                                *    *    *

The National Humanities Alliance (NHA) was created in 1981 to unify public
interest in support of federal programs in the humanities. The Alliance is
composed of scholarly and professional organizations; organizations of
museums, libraries, historical socieities, higher education and state
humanities councils; university and independent centers for scholarship and
other organizations concerned with national humanities policies. The
Alliance is strictly nonpartisan.

                                *    *    *
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