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Re: statewide licensing

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts is successfully working with a number of
state-wide systems including GALILEO (GA) and VIVA (VA).  The contracts
includes system wide access to all of our databases for all the members of
the consortia (including all academic, public and community college
libraries). In addition, we are in the process of rolling out programs with
a number of regional networks including PALINET, SOLINET and AMIGOS.
These programs allow for public, academic, school and special libraries to

I would be happy to share with you our successful approach in working with
these networks.  I can tell you that the key to success in our negotiations
with these networks was flexability.   Simultaneously, I would strongely
urge you to also contact the  the  VIVAs or GALILEOs directly to discuss
their successful strategies in working with vendors such as CSA.   

Barbara McFadden Allen, Assistant Director at CIC (Committee on
Institutional Cooperation) recently discussed this topic at a presentation
at the American Library Association Meeting in Washington D.C. (Feb).  You
may want to contact her and get a copy of her presentation?  I think her
email address is


 At 06:36 AM 4/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Can anyone get me started on investigatng statewide licensing of
>databases?  I am working as a legislative intern with the LIBRARY OF
>CALIFORNIA project, which (if passed by Legislature) will allow public,
>academic, school and special libraries to merge catalogs into one
>virtual library and get state reimbursement for interlibrary loans....
>What vendors offer statewide licenses? What kind of terms? Where is this
>already being done? Thank you!
>Mary Minow, Stanford Law Student/Legislative Intern
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