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Re: EJournal Aggregation

I have thought about the licensing problem for a while now, although 
probably not as long as some people here have spent negotiating 
licenses.  It seems to me that it would be a real boon to librarians 
if one of the professional associations came up with a model license 
in conjuction with representatives of the publishers and vendors 
agreement that would specify terms and conditions of the licenses.

I know that it would be expecting a lot to have publishers conform 
licenses to a standard format with standard conditions, but until 
they do, the incentive for librarians to buy licensed products will 
be reduced due to the complexity of managing different licenses.

The model license in merely one solution, and I'm sure that there are 
others out there, but coordinated action by libraries on the problem      
of licenses is called for.                                                
Andrew Wohrley                                                           
Andrew Wohrley                                                           
Science & Technology Department                                          
Auburn University Libraries                                                                                                                          


>    I have seen some response from major publishers such as Elsevier, 
> that they will absolutely not license to/through an aggregator. I believe 
> the Academic Press/IDEAL policy is quite similar.  As major publishers of 
> STM journals, they already aggregate.  
>    We are currently working through methods to management the growing 
> number of electronic journals.  At this point, I would be grateful for at 
> least an agency to manage the paperwork.  The licenses are so varied that 
> each institution needs hands-on involvement.
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