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Re: EJournal Aggregation

Apologies from a latecomer to the debate, but what is aggregation?

Terry Brennan
Information Services Librarian
RVIB Talking Book Library
Melbourne, Australia.

NB FROM MODERATOR:  OOPS, some of us may have been to too many "product" 
meetings and we've achieved that post-modern, post-book post-database
jargon that we claim to abhor.  "Aggregation" as used on this list means
the bundling together or gathering together of electronic information into
electronic collections that are marketed as a package.  For example,
DIALOG@CARL "aggregates" 300 databases; Academic Press's IDEAL aggregates
170+ journals; Johns Hopkins MUSE is an electronic collection of 40+
journals, and so on.  But "aggregator" is more usually used in describing
the supplier who assembles the offerings of more than one publisher, so
one is more likely to hear Dialog, OCLC, Information Access, and UMI
spoken of as aggregators, than the Johns Hopkins Press.  If I understand
correctly. If this is not quite right, jump in and let us know. Ann
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