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Re: EJournal Aggregation

Ann Okerson wrote:
> BUT -- surely one of the largest parts of the effort related to accessing
> econtent is the *licensing* negotiations.  The bind is that aggregators
> currently cannot help us with this matter.  Does anyone see any way out of
> this, or are we (as I believe) in a position of negotiating singly and
> directly an increasing number of licenses each month, while waiting a few
> years for some acceptable practices and language to emerge?  At that
> point, the aggregators could add licenses to their arsenal of services for
> libraries.  The objective of this list and the Liblicense project overall
> is to hasten that day; are there other ways?

Maybe there are really two types of aggregators on the horizon, one 
like OCLC which aggergates the content, and one which aggregrates the 
licence agreements. In some ways, Faxon and Ebsco and the like have 
been doing this for some time. Each will take a special expertise and 
investment in infrastructure. Are they not two seperate businesses on 
the horizon? The content aggregators will also likely become the 
archive provider, a different from of business again, and potentially 
another aspect of the license arena. 

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